Time, Technology, and the Death of a Character

It is with great sadness that I must say goodbye to one of my characters from the first and only issue of the Captain Coastie comic book. Ensign Tara Martin, who appeared as a swamp monster in issue number 1, is no more.

“Goodbye, all my adoring fans!”

So here’s what happens in the word of computers. First, time marches on. Tempus Fugit. Until recently, I had a full time job. My graphics work – Captain Coastie – was only a hobby (and still is, by the way). Second, technology changes. In my case, the character came from Poser 10, the 3D application I used for many years. However, as my Apple OS advanced forward, I did not keep up with the upgrades to the Poser software package. Why? For one thing, changed ownership. For another, the price jumped considerably. Unfortunately I was not able to port the figure over to Blender – my current 3D application of choice.

What this means is that the storyline from the first edition will not go forward. While I could “fudge it” and try to work around the missing character, I’m not confident it would read correctly. Instead, I think I’ll chalk up issue 1 as my “test the waters” comic.

The good news is not too many people have copies (I sold 5 on line and about 10 offline). The other good news is that I can start from scratch with new characters and a better story. I didn’t like that one anyway đŸ™‚

Such is life when time and technology get in the way.

So I may consider doing another comic book. Any thoughts?

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